Wikirunner 1.0

A Wikipedia based competitive puzzle game!


  • Unique
  • Great concept
  • Easy to play


  • Dull interface
  • No timer


Wikirunner is a chase game for one or two players. You either play the chaser or the runner, and your journey takes you through Wikipedia pages!

If that sounds odd, well Wikirunner's an odd game. The objective for the chaser is to get to the same page as the runner, at the same time. Each player begins on a randomized page, and then the game starts. The game window shows each player's current location, and list of related pages. These related pages are where you can move to next.

The Chaser has two moves to every one that the runner has, otherwise it would be impossible! Wikirunner is quite a challenge, but if you like information and organization, it can be quite addictive, and it's certainly pleasing when you catch a runner. More exciting is playing as a runner with the computer playing the catcher. For some reason this makes the game really tense, as the artificial intelligence seems quite good, and once you realize the catcher is closing in on you you'll be on the edge of your seat!

Wikirunner won't be for everybody - it's a text based game and require no reflex skill at all. However, if you're a puzzle fan, this is an inventive use of Wikipedia that can really make you think!



Wikirunner 1.0

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